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Red Hot Cookin´ / leider ausverkauft!

Erhältlich nur noch als Download über die bekannten Portale.

(2000, 13 Titel, 54:21 Minuten Spielzeit, CD)
Mit Tonartenübersicht lieferbar!

"Super Groove der Band, knackige Shuffle, coole Slows, Jeremy legt sich mächtig in´s Zeug und die Harp begeistert mich. Das gilt auch für die eigenen Songs. Die haben Niveau. Positiv noch die

Titelauswahl. Drei geschmackvolle Cover, zehn eigene Nummern. Da kommt Freude auf!"
(Dirk Föhrs, Blues News Magazin)

Einer der interessantesten, kompaktesten europäischen Harp-Spieler. Seine Aufnahmen mit der Band von R.J. Mischo sind kraftvoll, stilecht und fantasievoll. Ich mag das!!!
(Thomas Ritter, Stumble Records)

"Nicht erst im Duett mit R.J. Mischo wird deutlich, dass Dieter Kropp als einer der herausragenden Harmonikaspieler Deutschlands längst zur internationalen Spitze aufgeschlosssen hat. Hier bieten fünf exquisite Musiker eine Studio-Session im besten Sinne."
(Andreas Lösche, concertbüro Lösche Bamberg)

"Einfühlsam groovende us-amerikanische Rhythmsection, punktgenaue Gitarrenattacken, ausdrucksstarke Harp - es funkt, kracht und entzündet sich ein äußerst kurzweiliges Blues-Feuerwerk internationaler Klasse!"
Detlev Hoegen (CrossCut Records, im November 1999)

I give this CD a (7) Harp Salute right up front so that I do not lose your train of thought. Dieter sings a bit like Charlie Musselwhite and his harp playing is outstanding! He blows that harp on all the cuts.Ya have a GREAT variety of boogie/shuffles and slow blues,just the right mixture.This CD is in the Top Five CD's that I have gotten this year and will for sure be in my Top Ten of 2000.

This is a fantastic CD for many reasons but the thang that got me was the expertise that Dieter has on that harmonica,he is a world class Master Blaster.Dieter gets my "Nasty Harp Award",it sounds so low down and dirty,oh yeah,just the way I like it baby!!!!!!
Steve "Big Daddy BluzHarp" Harvell (Contributing Writer, American Harmonica Newsmagazine - September 2000)

Teamed up with US harp ace R.J. Mischo and his band, the results impress mightily.

Easy is an expected harmonica tour-de-force as Dieter trade licks with R.J. (who also turns up on 1896 Shuffle and Slick Chick), and Just Your Fool is fairly straight.

Dieters own songs tend to find him singing like Charlie Musselwhite and playing excellent harp like he was born in the Windy City. The Red Hot Blues Band come into their own on numerous swing-blues, where they demonstrate that they have the light touch of the Aces down to a tee, and young guitarist Jeremy E. Johnson shows a remarkably mature attitude, laying back much of the time and adopting the all too rare less is more approach. All in all though, this is a relaxed, swinging set, full of confidence and fluidity. Dieter is rightly proud of it and harp fans would do well to give it a listen.
Norman Darwen (Blues & Rhythm/The Gospel Truth, Great Britain - September 2000, No 152)

Among harp players, one can find not bad ones, good ones, great ones and, like Dieter Kropp, master ones. Yes, yes, yes, Kropp is a harp blowing master. With such influences as Little Walter, Walter Horton or George Smoth, Dieter shows a great skill in harp technique that makes him a harp virtuoso. Besides that all he does is really good, he also knowns how to match 'tempos' and 'keys'. Vocally speaking, he closely reminds Charlie Musselwhite's voice, he surely admires. Fluent, inspired and brilliant, Dieter is nowadays one of the most interesting harmonica players of the european blues field. This record is a complete collection of different blues styles and tempos. You can find shuffles, slows, gumbos... perfectly backed by R.J. Mischo's band, and even with R.J. Mischo himself, who plays in three tunes. A pleasure for all harp lovers. GREAT.

Radio PICA - La Hora del Blues
Apartado de Correos 12085
08080 Barcelona (Spain)

We enjoy it immensely. It is very damn good. I can assure you that you will get airplay in North Florida, Seattle and Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Bill Grace

Kropp knows his music history. Still, while his musical influences are clear, he has shaped them all in his own image. Dieter Kropp's vocal style falls somewhere between the young Elvis and Roy Orbison.

The focus of each song is, however, Kropp's harmonica. He is known for his resonant tone which, especially in the lower register, sounds like he's growling into a rain barrel. His upper register is also quite powerful, although (to his credit) he avoids the kind of histrionics associated with some contemporary harpists. And he moves between registers with amazing dexterity. Kropp has impeccable rhythmic sense and can shape a note or phrase with spellbinding subtlety. His duets with Mischo are, alone, worth the price of the collection. The harmonica is, clearly, the instrument that best expresses Dieter Kropp's soul.

If you hold a special place in your soul for '50 blues and rock-n-roll, Red Hot Cookin' has plenty of it. But don't expect nostalgia. This music has done some travelling, returning "home" wearing some new clothes. The CD, itself, comes elegantly packaged, with a booklet containing band bios and recording information in both German and English

by Peter Oman, "Blues On Stage",
Review date: August 2000



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